Happy, Happy - and some chickens

Let's hop to the near - present. ;)
Because I love Easter. A lot.

We had a blast getting ready for it! Deborah and I have mini lessons (ideally daily) where we go through a different story and message in this Gospel Art Book I have.
Just a side note on how fabulous it is - it hits all the major scripture stories, starting at the creation of the world in the Old Testament and moving forward. It's awesome, with beautiful art & so easy to teach from with all the scriptural references - I love it. I got the hard copy for a couple dollars, but it is free online here, or as an ap. But I digress.
We have been doing these lessons for quite a while now, and it just happened to work out that we were studying the end of Christ's life around Easter. My favorite day was when we learned about the triumphal entry and reenacted the hosanna shout. Her little voice! I couldn't get the video to upload, so we just get a snapshot.
And of course we couldn't skip dying eggs! So fun - and messy with a 2 year old.
And the big excitement - we got chicks!! 5 Rhode Island Reds - and already they're earning their keep by eating the plethora of bugs we have around. I never knew I could be so happy watching them devour those insects. But Louisiana really has more than should be allowed. So I say, "eat hearty!"
And Deborah, of course, finds them fabulous and exciting! She'll follow them around and talk to them, but she's quite gentle. It helped that they shocked her by flying out of her hands the first times she held them. ;)
  One of my favorites: when she watches them eat she'll say, "Chew your food, chicks! Chew, chew, chew!"

And a fun Easter basket to collect eggs in! Er... bonnet. :) I seem to remember a song about that.

Our little Easter feast :) With homemade gravy from our homemade broth. Oh my goodness. It's so superior. More on that later. It's a game changer!
And family fun in the backyard after church!
Remember what I mentioned about them flying out of her little hands? :) hehehe

She is such a dipper. ;) She believes every dance should end with a dip and she gives it her all. :) So be ready if you're her partner.

And I think this is my favorite Easter video ever. Poignant, powerful, and just 2 minutes long. And I have to throw out how much I love the music. It's just all around amazing, and really touches me. It's worth the time.

I looove Easter. I'm so thankful for Jesus Christ. Because of Him I can change, become better, start fresh, and live with my family forever. The tomb was empty. He lives!

Happy, happy, happy Easter!
All My Days - Hilary Weeks


Danielle said...

You got chickens!!! I love it! I miss mine so much!

jfbast said...

great pics! especially the black and white one. happy easter1

Chelsea said...

She is just adorable! What a killer smile! And, oh my goodness...those curls. Looks like you guys had fun this Easter. :)

Tanya Leigh said...

Well, I declare! Those are the most preciously scrumptious pictures I evah done seen! WOW! You should have those plastered on your walls fo' sho!

And, I am so sad I've forgotten to implement your Gospel Art Kit lessons/enactments! That is really the best idea ever, and simply the best way for children to learn things for good!

and... WOW for amazing garden setup, and you are putting my homemaking skills *cough,cough* to shame! Amazing, girl. Amazing.