the last hoorah

Hoorah to a bay tour!
Right before we went on the tour Derek had Cioppani (I think that's how it's spelled) stew which is a smorgasbord of seafood with real crab legs. We rarely do seafood, and I do not do it at all, so it was a big event. He thought it was okay, liked the crab, but hated the pieces of octopus. I found it disgusting. It was an experience though!
But back to the bay tour - it was incredibly fun and ferociously COLD! I wanted to have a face in the pictures, but outside of the click of the camera I had the hood on and the drawstrings pulled so tight that it showed less face than a ski mask. Frigid. It was so beautiful though, and much warmer on the return route. Our guides were really funny and it was kind of like taking the Jungle Cruise at Disneyland - which I love. :)

 Deborah preferred to be in the cabin with Derek's parents versus out in the cold. She is wise.
Remember when I mentioned how much Deborah loves finding little seats everywhere? ;)
 We went around Alcatraz - a couple of interesting things I learned - the inmates had a high fat diet, and were not allowed to do very much exercise and never allowed to take cold showers. No training themselves for an ocean escape. ;) Also, families of the guards used to live here and trek out for school etc. Kind of a creepy place to live. Glad that wasn't me.
Bye, bye Golden Gate Bridge!

Last Mother's Day I meant to get a picture with Deborah and failed to, so when we were driving home from church a couple weeks later and I realized that Deborah & I were wearing the same clothes as on Mother's day I decided to recreate the day and get my yearly mother's day picture with my baby. :) We stopped the car and took pictures by this blue house I love...and you can't really see it in the pictures, so don't get your hopes up. ;)
  The whole family for good measure. ;)
 Happy Mother's Day!
 Hoorah to Cub Scouts!

It was so fun & such a good experience! I seriously LOVE the cub scouting program. Girls are jipped. 
Deborah got to be an honorary cub scout. She had excellent attendance. ;) And she saw no difference between herself and the boys. She thought she was one of the pack. And all the boys were soo cute with her. When we would say the Cub Scout Promise & Law of the Pack she would stand up with everyone else and put her hand up with them. When we exercised she would try to do it with them. I loved seeing her doing hip raises, and struggling on her back to do sit-ups. ;)
 And we made kites! Oh, I miss our cub scouts!
Our kite flying expedition. :)
 Deborah thought that the kite string made excellent floss. :)
 and Hoorah, Hoorah, Hoorah for Graduating!
 It was in Symphony Hall - so beautiful!

Deborah was horribly bored. Though I think she was in good company. It was rather long. ;)Though there were some interesting and quintessentially San Franciscan moments. One of the main speakers spent most of her talk soliloquizing on the glories of Obamacare and how it is our saving grace. Then there was the speaker who criticized the school, joked about how he had done a really shoddy work on his dental procedures and had just found a nice teacher to sign off, and how he had fallen in love with San Francisco and in San Franciso - then waved, saying, "Hi, David." The music was great!

Then finally the main event we were waiting for: Dr. Derek! We were so proud & Deborah was happily shouting "da-da!" the whole time he was up there. :) He worked so hard, but always tried to put family and God first.
 I spent much of graduation trying to figure out what function Deborah had changed on the camera to make it so blurry. That's why these pictures are so small. ;P
 Happy graduate!!
Derek insisted I wear his hat and hood. I felt a fraud, but that's okay. I didn't walk for my own graduation from college, so I guess this counts for something. ;)

 Hoorah to all the fun we had, all the good friends we made, the help and kindness we received, and all the time we spent learning, growing, and becoming a family. Goodbye first home! Thanks!

Now off to the next adventure!
Leaving on a Jet Plane - John Denver
(though I did toy with Bye, Bye, Bye from NSYNC ;)


TamaRon FamLee said...

I love all of these pictures- So great! You're making me miss SF- and I was only there for a couple days ;)

Tanya Leigh said...

Awww... such a bummer I never got to visit you there!! Your references to "SF moments" were ... very SF. Yikes!

And, as for wearing the grad garb: you totally deserve it, Girl. I always tell people where "we" went to medical school. Some people get it, some people are confused, some people think I actually went through the courses ... Even so. You were no fraud ;)

LOVELY pictures! (how do you always manage to get all three of you in a shot?)

Can't wait to see you soon!! :)