I just couldn't help myself

Yes, yes, that's a Christmas header. Undeniably. It's red, green, and happy all over. ;) I know it's before Thanksgiving. I know that for the sake of those of you who aren't in Christmas-land already & perhaps have strict rules about Christmastime coming after the Mayflower, I should have waited 7 more days.

But I couldn't.
  1. It's been raining all day today. *Cue Christmas for the Arizona girl. Snow doesn't mean Christmas. Rain means Christmas. Not snow. Unless it's in a movie.*
  2. I've been listening to Christmas music for over a month. I just can't confine my love for it to those 33 short days between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I made myself an awesome smorgasbord of Christmas favorites on grooveshark, and it plays much of the day around here. [Do you know grooveshark.com? It's so much better than pandora. My old roommate Hilary told me about it and said, "It'll change your life." At the time I thought that was going a little far, but now that I've tried it I'll tell you the same thing. ;) ]
  3. I took some pictures of Deborah in her Christmas dress a couple of days ago & I really like them.
  4. We made a list & numbered all of our Christmas movies from least Christmasy/classic to most and we've been watching one a week to be sure to get them all in and to put us in the mood. :) It's awesome.
  5. With all this Christmasy-ness going on I needed a tree. We're not going to be here for Christmas so won't get our own tree this year. *sigh* Enter picture of Ebenezer, our Christmas tree of last year. He was so fabulous and deliciously pine-smelling that he needed a name. Ebenezer. :) 
So you see, I couldn't wait.  I'm in Christmas-Land. And loving it.

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year - Andy Williams

Now that Christmas is over, here is the header I was talking about.


Afton LeSueur said...

Will you be in AZ for Christmas?? Please say yes! I can't believe we haven't met Deborah!

Katrina said...

Nice header! So well done! :)

Tanya Leigh said...

I second the motion. Deborah is STUNNING in her Christmas apparel.

I was of the mind that you had actually bought and decorated a tree already! hehe. Hi, Eb!

And lastly, I fully agree that Christmas season deserves much more than one month. Ever since Guadalajara where they SLATHER Christmas decor immediately following Halloween (which they don't technically celebrate) because they {also} do not celebrate Thanksgiving and have nothing "blocking the way" -- I began to see the charm in it all and have adopted the same mentality. Christmas - here we come!!

Jackie said...

It is never too early to post such cute Christmas pics :)