Happy Halloweeeen

October 31st! Now, isn't there something just so exciting and magical about that date?! Maybe it's just me & my absolute love of dressing up (ever since I can remember), but "October 31st" just thrills me!

I had these grand plans of an Alice in Wonderland themed Halloween, but between the again teething baby (now she's got EIGHT teeth!) and all of us getting sick, my sewing-patternless plans got put aside for another occasion. So, I fished into my magic carpet bag (literally. I have one. Well, I guess it's not strictly *magical*, but it does have costumes in it, and in a wand-less muggle world, I think that's about as close to magic as we're going to get.) But I digress - I fished into my magic carpet bag & whipped us up 3 costumes in a jiffy. Mine was a re-use, but Derek's & Deborah's were fresh, so it was pretty thrilling all in all. What were we? Oh. Well, I can't say just yet. You see, I'm going to get some more shots tonight, & I don't want to spoil it. And what's Halloween without a costume surprise? Exactly. Oooh-hoo-hoo, I'm so excited! Last year's Pacha & Chicha (see here) was so fun, but I am glad that dressing up as an eight month pregnant lady is not an option this Halloween. ;)

Tonight we're going trick-or-treating with a couple of our childless friends. Just to see & let Deborah watch the fun, because our sugarless baby doesn't need any treats at this age... Though I may stop at a house or two anyhow... I've been wanting skittles for quite a while. ;) We're also going to Chipotle! Did you know that if you stop by any Chipotle in costume today between 4-close you get anything on the menu for just $2? Tasty and filling? Fabulous. Done and done. :)

And what is fall without some pumpkin patch pictures? Wow, that was an unexpectedly wonderful alliteration.  I think I just must keep going with that. Now presenting, plenty of pleasant, playful, and pretty pumpkin patch pictures for your pleasure!

It was so fun to have grandma & grandpa here! And for Deborah to eat her first piece of straw. ;)
And in the foggy night! I have to say, growing up in AZ, I never thought I'd take pumpkin patch pictures (oooh there it is again!) in THAT kind of weather! ;) But I have to say, it was so fun!

                                                                                                                                 Why hello, you.

Happy Halloween!!

What's This - The Nightmare Before Christmas


TamaRon FamLee said...

Oh my such plentiful precious pumpkin patch pictures! I love them! Deborah is getting so big and such cute expressions, I love that orange outfit she's wearing! My kids just came over and were oohing and ahhing over her.

We went to the pumpkin patch yesterday- let's just say yours look so much more fall-ish with coats and all (we had shorts and flip flops on);)

I can't wait to see your costumes!

Katrina said...

Oooo I lovvvve the foggy fall family fotos ;) cute lil pumpkin.

fun. fun. fun.

p.s. I also love your adorable autumnal attire ;)

Tanya Leigh said...

Ah, all our artful alliterations. You did that one for me, didn't you.

I'm going to have to say it:

pumpkin patch pictures.

ah... that felt good.

And they are Adoooorable, at that. :)