preggy pics

So when we were in AZ my mom took us out to take some mama-daughter-baby bump shots of us which I really like. Thanks mom! �� This was at six 1/2 months, so now that I'm eight 1/2 months (whaaat?!) I'm much, much bigger. This was at the more cute, less beach-ball-I-can't-breathe stage. ;)

This girl is a gum addict! Mint gum, cinnamon gum - she loves it! And finds it very motivating. :) Which I may or may not have used to help get these pictures. :)

And this little shoes picture is definitely a favorite. Except that her little chubby legs are thinning out way too fast! 

 I can't get over this groovy looking 1960's babe. With the upside down sunglasses. Oh yeah. :)

Wow, but I love that little lady there. She makes me happy. And in less than a month we'll have a little boy too!Woohoo!

Feeling Groovy-Simon & Garfunkel


It be about tha' donuts, savvy?

Arrgh, matey!!

Friday last be "talk like a pirate day" and as tha mercantile Krispy Kreme war' off'ring free rings o' gold fer those that be speakin' an' dressin' in tha pirate garb, we hoisted tha flag & sailed on over to claim the booty.


Shiver me timbers, but the daguerreotype o' this sweet little pirate melts me cold, iron heart.
We crooned "Yo ho, yo ho a pirates life fer me!" the whole journey over, and made berth at its port (an' I speakin' of the the vessel, and not meself. We still got time fer that one). It war' a gran' experience - with tha' staff honorin' tha' day with thar dress, speakin' in tha' olde pirate tongue, & payin' respec' ta those that be keepin' tha' code set down by tha' brethren. Which o'corse we war'.
Me mate be takin' this thar photo with me unawares, but I be likin' it as it be givin' a gage o' how the lad be growin'.

Eat up me hearties, yo ho! Them sweet, yeasty rolls war' a treat, but t'war' a bit much fer our gastric systems, so we be generous with the loot.
After claimin' the booty we sailed back to our home an' kep' up the revelry by watchin' tha Pirate Fairy an' playin' pirates the whole rest o' the weekend - wit' tha lass generously offerin' up "a quarter" durin' bouts with tha sword.

'Twar' such a gran' time ye can be sure tha' we be repeatin' tha' fun in each year tha' comes. If'n ye wish ta' see which Captn Jack quote fits yer life, HERE be a fun quiz. Now off ta' swab the deck, ye landlubber!

A Pirate's Life for Me - Disney


Remembering Memorial Day

It's so easy to lose Memorial Day in all the fun of a 3 day weekend and good food! I've certainly fallen under that category.

It's great to have fun, and it's perfect to do on Memorial day, but do we remember that it's not about sales, or family, or an awesome barbecue? That it's not just a hoorah for America or even for all those who have served?

photo cred: Frank Glick
It is a day we remember those who gave all - who died in service of our county. For us. Who died serving us - to preserve our liberty.
 There's really no way to properly say thank you for such a sacrifice. We can honor the graves of those who have died, like we got to do HERE and HERE with our scouts in San Francisco. I loved that so much and really miss it! I wish I could do something like that today, but pregnancy sickness is limiting our big activities today. But it doesn't have to be big. We can take time to remember them, pray, think about what they died FOR. We can actually say thank you to those men and women and their families who serve. There are many ways!

But the flag is only at half mast for half of the day. At noon we raise it to its height in a national pledge that their sacrifice will not be in vain - that we will take their place in support of liberty and freedom. I believe this is the greatest way to honor them, as well as serve ourselves and our posterity. 
I'm so thankful to all the men and women who have sacrificed so much. Have a wonderful Memorial Day!
"We are not to expect to be translated from despotism to liberty in a featherbed." 
-Thomas Jefferson
"Liberty must at all hazards be supported. We have a right to it, derived from our Maker. But if we had not, our fathers have earned and bought it for us, at the expense of their ease, their estates, their pleasure, and their blood. "
- John Adams
 Battle Hymn of the Republic - Page CXVI


Big, bouncing, BLUE news!

Everyone remember Sword in the Stone? Sir Pelinore shouting, "I've got big news from London! BIG NEWS! Drop the gate!"

Well, it replays in my head anytime I hear the phrase "big news." And boy, do we have big news. From Louisiana. ;)

I could show you a big porcelain throne (aka the toilet), but that's not very fun. This is though.
And by the way, that isn't my first huge jar of pickles.

Have you guessed it? Ta -da! I'm pregnant!

And somewhere in my fervor I seem to have converted Deborah to pickle eating. :)
 Deborah is THRILLED that a baby is coming and loves to talk to the baby - and especially to tell it to grow big and strong so that it can come out and play. :)

I was having some issues the other day, so I went to see the doctor (things are okay), but while there the ultrasound tech said, "Hey, do you want to know the gender? Because I've got it right here!"

After a brief, silent battle within myself because Derek wanted to be there, I eventually asked her to write it down for me so that I could take it home and we could find out together. ...AND since it was already in the envelope and everything we decided for fun to stop by Krispy Kreme and ask them to make the surprise reveal donuts we had heard about. We gave them the envelope and waited - laughing with excitement and anticipation.

It was a pretty awesome wait. We all got hats and the staff members were so excited for us they gave us 3 free hot, glazed donuts to eat while we sat! They were all adorable - so smiling and happy for us. When we came up to pay, they were practically bursting - it made it such a fun experience.

We waited until we were home to each take a bite and find the color - would it be pink or blue?! We were anxious to find out, but the anticipation was pretty darn fun.
And then -
Don't worry, we checked the envelope to verify that good ole' Krispy Kreme did it right. ;)
A bouncing, baby boy to join us! Wow! I had always kind of felt that it was a boy (this pregnancy has been so different than Deborah's), but at the same time it seems kind of crazy - as if I always give birth to girls. But really, I only have one. Haha! Anyhow, we are super excited to meet this little man. And feel so incredibly blessed.
 And I can't leave off how much Deborah LOVED her first donut experience. She almost never gets sugar (I think I can count the time she's had sugar on my hands) so this was like Christmas and Birthdays all in one. Do you think she liked it?
And our Little Mr. is coming early November!
 Blue Suede Shoes- Elvis Presley